I think there are several things that set my
shop apart from others.  There are little
luxuries that we like to give, or offer, that we
think make a difference in the kind of service
that you receive here at Inky Cells.  
Clean gowns

My shop is pretty open visually .
 We have gowns available to all clients, so that you can
feel comfortable and covered when you are getting
tattooed.   They are always clean and always available.   

Private Tattoo Sessions
Sometimes a gown is not enough.  I have worked on many
Breast Cancer Survivors and they need to have much more
of an area exposed to complete the tattoo.  I offer the
service of a Private Tattoo session.  
These are free to all customers.  If you would like your
session to be private, please ask.
The shop is closed to all walk in traffic, the drapes are
closed, and usually Donald and Alex are sent on an errand.

We usually use micropore tape.  If
you have allergies to this tape,
please let me know.  I will be
happy to give you an alternative
bandage solution.  
Nitrile and Latex Gloves

I had no idea how many folks are
allergic to latex!  So we have
switched over to primarily using the
Nitrile gloves.  If you have a latex
allergy, be sure to let me know.
Fresh laundry, and disposable

All of the surfaces need to be able to be
cleaned around here by law, and fresh
laundry is part of the surfaces.  
Depending on the circumstances, you
will always have your own laundry for
your tattoo session, be it cloth or
The Goodie Bag.

Definitely one thing that Inky Cells has
been known for, for years.  We
always have care instructions by law,
a bit of ointment, and a surprise in
your after care package.  I don't even
get something like this when I get

I hope this indicates to you the level of
customer care that we like to give
around here.  
We hope that all of our hard work adds up to an incredible
tattoo experience for each and every one of our customers. The
world is a very stressful place, and we are here to give you an
hour or two of some pampering!   The last thing we want to
give is an image of a "chop shop" or a "tattoo factory".  This
was just a small list of the extras that I like to give.  This does
not include all the manditory essentials that each and every
tattoo receives.    
As you can tell, it's packed with art in here....so come on in and
enjoy it with us!