"Mugsey" AKA "Mugzilla"

Our sweet Mugsey left us on December 14th, 2020.  Our hearts are broken.  She was such a good dog.
Born May of 2006, we had her a very long time and had a ton of stories to share.  She will be sorely missed.  
"Alexander"  AKA "bug" or "Dander"
Greatest kid in the world.  Very proud of this guy.  He's working full time and on his own.  
That's not easy in the this county.  Keep up the good work kiddo!
Owner/Shop Manager
He's the "Big Guy" that helps to run the show.  He takes appointments, answers the phone, and makes all of us lunch.  He
puts all the crap into the computer to keep the business running.  He's part of the sterilization team, sets up, cleans up,
cleans the shop, and is responsible for keeping my sanity.  He runs the errands around town, and is the main driver for
team Inky Cells.  He's the man we all yell for when we need help.  He's also a great husband and friend that's stood by my
side for the past 31 years we've known each other, and the 29 years we've been married.  He's a walking encyclopedia for
motorcycle information, a huge Raider fan, and will talk your leg off if you need to be distracted because the tattoo hurts too
much.  If I can't help you, then Donald can.  If Donald can't help you, then you're shit outta luck.  
"Dana"  Owner/Tattooist.  AKA "Inky"

I'm the one that does all the art in the shop.  I draw all the tattoos.  I tattoo everybody that comes into the shop.  I'm the official photographer for the
shop, and  I'm also in charge of sterilizing, making needles, setup, clean up, placing orders for all the inventory, organizing the appointments, cleaning
the shop and the bathroom is always cleaned for you by yours truly.  I vacuum and mop the floors.  The Lysol cloud that frequently spills out of the
shop is my doing.  99% of the art on the walls is mine.  Then lest we forget that I get to be a Mom and a Wife!

So, that's all of us.  2 people really make it happen around here, and Alex reminds us that we have to have a home life.  If you are surprised that you
have to wait for 2 months for your tattoo, just remember the list of goodies that we have to do to get ready for each and every customer.  Donald
and I can only do so much in a day, but when you do get tattooed, we try to make it the best experience we possibly can.  I think we provide some
of the best tattoo work in Northern California, but I think I'm a bit partial!  

We are expensive, we are back logged, but we are worth it!  ( I love the Yelp review that quotes this.  This isn't a discount process.  This isn't a
discount business.
 Your health and safety won't be compromised to save money.)
We are a professional,small business that truely produces something made in
America and made by hand.  Colored pencils, graphite pencils, sharpies, paper,
brushes, pigment and paint are at the center of my world all day long. computer and no Photoshop program.  Everything that comes out of
Inky Cells is made by Dana's hands.  Yes it may take a bit to get a drawing done,
but it takes a bit to actually make that drawing happen!  We are very old
fashioned, and we work as hard as we can.   When you come to get a tattoo from
Dana, give yourself plenty of time on your tattoo day.  Eat something before your
tattoo.  Bring yourself a small munchie.  There's no reason to rush thru this
process, and by all means, please think of this place as being a sanctuary.  We
are grateful for electricity, but the rest of the technology is starting to become
distracting and irritating.  I don't have public WiFi and I won't be offering it any
time soon.  It doesn't help the tattoos or make the tattoo process hurt less.  Come
and enjoy some time with us, and help to create a wonderful moment in your life.  
It's all about what you put into it that makes all the difference.