Frequently asked questions, and scheduling
You must be 18 years old or older to get tattooed.
It is the law in California. There is no "parental consent" and never has been.  If you don't believe me, call
your Congressional Representatives , they will explain it to you.   I will ask you for your ID, and I clip this to
your sign in sheet.
This is an adult business. The rest of the shop rules are posted inside the
shop.  They are very entertaining.  Come on down and read the full list!  

Please, do NOT come in sunburnt on your tattoo day.

Please, do NOT surprise me with a Lidocaine patch, or Lidocaine cream.

If you would like to come by the shop and look at what we have, our tattoo books, our photographs, or check out
the shop, please come by!  
The business hours are Tuesday thru Saturday from 11-6.
While visiting,  if you see something you like and want to ask questions, please do!   Donald and I are here to help
as much as we can.  If there's anything special on the schedule that requires an extra day off, then details will be
left on the answering machine or posted on our facebook page.  We have spent decades creating art and the shop
is the place to see it all.  I have all of my paintings and new creations all waiting for you to see them.  We love
visitors, so come on down.


Please call (707)569-9525.
Please leave a message on my machine.
I will call you back, when I am free.  
If I am busy tattooing, then my hands and brain are busy!  Never fear, as soon as I have a free moment, I'll check
the machine and see who called.  Why doesn't Donald answer the phone?  Over the years we have found that
people like to argue with his answers and don't believe what he says.  You guys want to hear it from you
will have to wait until Dana can talk to you.   

Already have something ready to go?  Print that baby out and bring it in!  
Then I can see how big it is and where you want to put it. I can schedule your tattoo right then. Super quick.  All
tattoo appointments need to come with a deposit.  That way you are holding your specific day for yourself.  
Deposits are $50.00 or $100.00 depending on the size of the tattoo.  I am now a CASH ONLY shop.  I know it's a
pain, but I can't afford to keep paying the fees for Visa and Mastercard.  I have looked into the other options, but
my fingers are here to take care of my family....not a gigantic corporation.   Get it?  See where I'm going with this?

Need a special ,one of a kind tattoo?

Consultations usually occur between 10 and 11 in the morning. I realize that this is before business hours, and I do
that for a very important reason.  You and I will need to discuss your work and we need some free time to make that
happen.  Yes, I do get to work early and I do prepare in advance for everything.  What a crazy concept?
 Please be
prepared.  If you have reference photos of your specific ideas .....PLEASE BRING THEM PRINTED OUT ON PAPER.  
ideas in your folder.   I am not your personal copy center.  

After meeting for a consultation, I will schedule your tattoo appointments then.
I will know the size and intensity of your individual piece.  Usually I give myself a 1 or 2 month
gap to complete this drawing for you.  
At the consultation time, I can give you a time estimate for your tattoo, and a price quote.  You
will need to leave a deposit for your tattoo dates and your art.  CASH, Please.
I will give you a call when the drawing is done and have you proof the piece before your tattoo
Currently the deposit is $100.00.
I don't schedule tattoos without deposits.  

Come on in!  I need to see what you have.  I  can't do that over the phone!   
After that , we can help you with either a tattoo appointment or a consultation.


We have quite a HUGE selection of flash and tattoo ideas here at the shop as well, don't forget about that
valuable resource!
You don't have to wait for drawing time if it's something that is already on paper!!!
That means you can get tattooed faster!

CANCELATIONS:  "My work schedule changed, my car broke down, my pet died, my kid is sick, I had a bill
come up that I wasn't expecting, I'm pregnant," .........I've heard it all.  Hey, life happens to all of us
.  If you
can't make your tattoo appointment, just give me a call.   

A 24 hour notice is wonderful.  Then it gives me the time to adjust my schedule, call somebody else to see if
they can come in, and fill the time.
  We appreciate the effort.  
IF you are a dick and flake out on me, you won't continue to receive great customer service.  

Price Quotes:  All are valid for at least 6 months.  If you got something drawn in 1997 and have left it here
sitting in a box, then that price quote is no longer valid!  Trust me, I've had people ask.  July 2013 was a
clean out month.  All past art that has been waiting in the secondary art drawers, has been filed away.  IF
you have old art (2012 and earlier) that you still want to get tattooed, it's in a box here at the shop, and you
can dig thru it and find it.  But, I needed that drawer!

Payment:  Cash!  We have officially ended accepting Visa and Mastercard as of October 1st, 2015.  The cost
is just too darn expensive as a merchant.  We apologize for the inconvience.  


If you call the tattoo shop, and you get the answering machine,  please leave a message!  9 times out of 10,
I'm here tattooing and I will not answer the phone.   When I'm done with the customer in the chair, or done
with my lunch, then I'll be able to return your call.  I know it seems kind of old fashioned, but there are days
when I'm the only person here at the shop!

If I call 3 times in a row to avoid the answering machine, will you pick up?  
NO.  Just leave me a message on your first attempt, and I'll get to ya!  I have turned off the ringer to the
telephone.  I must concentrate on my work.  

Can I  send you an e-mail?
No.  Tattooing has been around a hell of a lot longer than the computer.    I still draw with a pencil and
paper!  Please print out your own photos and bring them with you.  
 I appreciate the work that you put into
your tattoo.

Can I have your email to send you something, I live really far away!
We proudly support the United States Postal Service and think that sending letters is the way to go.  Our
mailing address is 821 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95404

If I call you on the phone and ask for your email, will you help me?
Please see above .  

Why isn't the web site updated more frequently?
Because I haven't figured out how to get more time in a day!  Seriously, Donald and I are responsible for
everything here at the shop, and we are pretty darn efficient, but still only human!  I'm in charge of the web
site and I update it as often as possible.  

Do you recommend anybody since I can't wait that long?

What is your minimum and why so expensive?  
The current minimum is $100.00.  Everything you get tattooed with is all set up specifically for you.  You get
all new , sterilized equipment, and that is the minimum cost of creating your sterile area, and your specific
tools necessary for your tattoo.  
All of the tattoo  laws of AB300 , our new tattoo regulations, have to be
followed for us to maintain our Health Permit.

Is this why you don't offer any tattoo specials on Friday the 13th?
Yes, I don't understand how a shop can maintain sterility for only $13.  Hey, it's your skin and your health....I
would strongly think about that.  I may offer a $113 tattoo day, and those will be advertised when they pop
up.......the facebook page will have that information for you!

Why would I want to get tattooed at your shop instead of some other shop?
I love what I do.  I'm consistent.  I drink iced tea, and I don't smoke.  I'm quick.  I've been at this location for
23 years.  There's no bullshit around here.  You always get tattooed by the owner.  I'll do everything I can
within reason to give you the best tattoo I can, everyday.  I'm not cheap by any stretch of the imagination,
but I get the job done cleanly, correctly, and I stand by my work.  My shop has also been registered thru the
Sonoma County Health Department and I am registered as an Artist.  We have followed the rules set down
by our County and our State  and proudly adhere to their requests.  

Do you tattoo feet?
No.  I don't do the top of the feet, right side of the foot, left side of the foot, bottom of the foot, and I don't do
toes, or in between them. I'm not sure why this is so hard to understand, but it's a doozie!  NO FEET
TATTOOS!!! It's a shop rule and I don't think I need to further explain this.
Nobody seems to question why I don't tattoo genitals, so let it go people.  

Do you tattoo rings on fingers?

Will you tattoo me with the cremated remains of my
dog/cat/Mom/Dad/family member?
I have no clue how the ashes will react with your skin, or tattoo, or both.  I also do not want to personally be exposed to the
remains.  Please respect that request from me.  This isn't a television show around here, it's real life.  IF you would like to
bring a photo of your loved one, and a candle, we can make a space for them on the table and honor their memory while you
are getting tattooed.  I will gladly listen to the amazing stories of your adventures together.
 UPDATE, during my last health
inspection I asked my inspector about this question.  By law we are not to contaminate the tattoo pigments with ANY other
materials.  They may be diluted with water, or the pigments may be mixed for different color combinations.  If you still aren't
happy about this, please contact Marty Isom at the Sonoma County  Health Department.  He will be happy to explain this to
you and why.  His number is (707)565-6568

Will you tattoo my eyeball?

Do you do piercings?  

Lastly, I have spent countless hours wracking my brain, sitting here at the computer, trying to
effectively communicate to you the best way to get the best tattoo that I can give you.
This is how I work, plain and simple.
I understand that this isn't the current way the world is working, or wants to work.  That's fine.
But this is the best way for me to give you my best work.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions,
of course, if you have more, just give me a call,

information for
you to read!