Inky Cells Tattoo Company
is owned and operated by Dana and Donald Tyrrell
at 821 Santa Rosa Ave,  in Santa Rosa California, USA!
Business hours:
Tuesday - Saturday : BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
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News update/Covid19 adjustments
We have been proudly serving Mendocino County, Lake County, Sonoma County and Marin
County for the past 29 years.  The shop is fully licensed to operate in Sonoma County by
law.  Dana is a registered professional tattooist in Sonoma County by law.
Please call the shop to schedule your
consultations and tattoo appointments.  It is a
landline and cannot accept text messages.

We DO NOT offer body piercing
Well, the new normal is finally here.  Your experience at Inky Cells will now be a little different.  We have new
guidelines to follow!  These are to keep you safe, and me safe , and Donald safe.  So, no reason to argue or dispute
these.  If you can't follow along, then you can kindly find another place to service you.  

All tattoos and consultations will have to be by appointment.  It is very important that you show up on time.  We now
have new cleaning procedures to follow WHEN YOU ARRIVE AND WHEN YOU LEAVE.    We will need time to
complete that.  If you are late, then it throws the entire day out of don't be that person.  If you are more than
15 minutes late, you will be rescheduled for a much later day.  I will only offer this ONE time.  

If you are ready for your new tattoo, we will have to schedule you a consultation. We can no longer allow walk-ins.  At
your consultation we will discuss your new idea, your thoughts, answer your questions and get a folder started for your
new tattoo art. You must leave a deposit to begin a custom tattoo art piece, just like the old days.   When your art has
been completed, I will call you and schedule a time for you to see your new tattoo drawing.   During these meetings,
please bring and wear your mask.  You will be asked to sanitize your hands.  
We will have to maintain a limit on the number of people in the shop at one time.  We will be asking that you either
come by yourself, or limit that to only one other person.  We still have to practice social distancing.  But, nice will have a private session!  
When you arrive, the door will be locked.  Please knock and you will be let it.
No mask, no entry, no kidding.  (Think of it as keeping your germs to yourself.)
We now have a new area for you to put your purse/backpack, phone, keys, food/drink.  At that area, we have a bottle of
hand sanitizer.  You will have to sanitize before you are allowed back into the tattoo area.  We will have a new list of
questions to ask you before every tattoo session.  We will have to take your temperature via a no touch thermometer
and log that with your new questions.   I get to take my temperature too and write it on the log!  The tattooing
procedures are pretty much the same, except we both have to wear a mask during the entire procedure.  Potty breaks
and breather breaks are beginning to be necessary for you and me.  I too, need time out of my mask to be able to
breathe and get a drink.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask when you call me for your consultation!  

We are happy to be back to work, and look forward to seeing you.  Only down side to all of this, is that me and Donald
still have to be responsible for all of it, and there is only so much time in a day.  We can only take care of so many
customers daily and the times are going quickly.  Patience is still critical.  Currently there is a wait to see me.  After 3
months of a delay, I'm sure you can understand that.  Thank you , and be safe.