Breast Cancer tattoo art.  
As part of my services, I offer mastectomy tattoo art.  I can help you by creating your very own beautiful, new healing energy art piece.
You don't have to continue to focus on your scars.
You can transform those into something beautiful to look at.

Both of our families have been affected by breast cancer, and we understand what you are looking for.
 I offer private sessions for all of the tattooing.  If you
would like to bring your partner, or friend, or loved one to accompany you for the comfort and support, I encourage and welcome that.

I am here to help you as much as I can with my art skills.

I've been fitting the body with my extensive sewing knowledge since before I was tattooing.  I started sewing when I was 12.  As I write this at 46, I've used those
skills almost everyday to create a perfect fit for every tattoo that I have already done.  
My scar reconstruction work experience has further developed
over the years with other types of surgeries and accidents.  I've
worked with many clients on their tummy tuck scars.  Weight
loss surgery scars and cesarians.  I've tattooed over burns,
road rash and self harm scars.  I've worked around gun shots
and stab wounds.  Can't forget the arthroscopic and mole
removal scars as well.  I understand why the body will keloid
and how to manage art for that.  Some scars will not accept
tattoo at all, and I can create art around them to distract from
them and still give you something beautiful to look at.  If you
need this kind of tattoo, I can do it for you.  
If this is something you are considering, call for your free consultation.
I can listen to what you want.  I can offer my suggestions for art.   I can see if your
scars will work with the proposed ideas, and give you a price quote for the work.

This is also a perfect time to ask me all of your questions about the process.
If you are ready to move forward, I will then schedule your tattoo appointments and
take a deposit to create your very own art work.  
Some scars don't heal flat.

This particular art piece needed to have the flexibility to work
with the undulations of the scar.
I designed the piece to acomodate that.

I will continue to add photos as I find them in the archives.
This was a piece of art that I
created to cover the weight loss
surgery scar.

The client wanted a piece to
distract from the scar.

This had some deep hard areas
that would not take tattoo.

So, I designed the piece to
work for all of her needs.  This
was repeated on her other arm
as well.