Circle logo shop shirt.  
Medium Gray v neck t-shirt.
We have 3 3XL's in stock.  4 2XL's in
stock, 1 XL and 2 Larges currently in
stock.  $30.00 each
Long sleeve sacred heart with
wings t-shirt.
 This is a light weigh
long sleeve.   These are brand new
October 2018)  I have 4XL, 3XL and
2XL available.  I put the 2XL thru
the wash twice and it fits me
perfectly.  They like to shrink.  
$40.00 each
Circle Logo stickers
Hard wearing vinyl
stickers are in stock!

$3.00 each
Mrs. Tyrrell's Tattoo Oils
All natural, handmade, small
batch body oil for your tattoos.  
Great way to bring them back to
life and keep them hydrated.  In
Stock at the shop.
Dana made 10" ceramic
decorative plate.  Only 1 in
stock.  $20.00
10.5" hand painted ceramic
plate by Dana.  
Only 1 in stock $30.00
Hand painted 10" ceramic plate
by Dana.  
Only 1 in stock $20.00
Mayan mask hand
painted by Dana.  Only 1
in stock.  About 7 inches
tall. $20.00
Hand painted mug by
Dana.  Only 1 in stock.
Hand painted mug by Dana.  
Only 1 in stock
Switch plate.  Hand painted
by Dana.  Only 1 in stock
These were fun little projects.  I painted them in acrylic on the canvas sheets.  Bold colors with fun movements.  These
are the only ones.  Come on down and see them in person for the accurate colors.   16"x20"
$40.00 each.
I am clearing out my old stock of remaining prints.  The" Dana Cactus" is a print from my original oil painting .  Only 1 print
left ,$40.00  The Elaine's Orchids was a fun painting.  2 prints left of this one, $40.00 each.  "Don't Trust the Red Ones" is
the print from my apple still life.  9 prints in stock, $40.00 each.  
"King Snake and Mermaid Octopus"  I have 4 prints left of each of these.  
$40.00 each
Peacock and clematis
colored pencil print.  
11 prints in stock
$10.00 each
Tiger and Butterflies print
from my colored pencil
piece.  4 prints in stock
$40.00 each
Valentino Rossi prints.  Open Track Surgery and Valentino on the Ducati
are prints from my original paintings.  7 prints of the Yamaha and 1 Ducati
are in stock
$40.00 each.  
9 prints in stock of Nicky Hayden.  $50.00 each
S1000RR portrait.  "Wilhelm"
9 in stock.  11"x14"

Miguel DuHamel on the Honda.  6 Prints left
$40.00 each
Ben Bostrom at testing at
Infineon.....Sears Point.  5 prints left
$40.00 each
Colin Edwards on the Go bike for Yamaha.  Only
1 print left of this one.  
Kevin Schwantz on the Pepsi bike.  3 prints left
$40.00 each
Santa Rosa Mile.  7 prints left
$20.00 each
Simoncelli print.  
From his pit board.  I
only have 1 of the big
prints left.  $20.00
The little ones, I have
17 left and they are
$10.00 each
Josh Hayes prints from my
original oil painting.
4 prints left
$5.00 each
These are all goodies that sit here at the
shop waiting to find a home.  I need to
clear the space for new things to be
created and make sure that some of these
pieces can be enjoyed by their new
owners!  If you see something you like,
please come to the shop if you can.  
Donald or I can get it out for you and have
you see it in person.  This was a quick list
without measurements and detailed
explanations for a reason.  It's easier to
explain them in person.  These are all
unique pieces from Dana.
They are ready to find a new home.
In stock at the shop
$15.00 each