More of Dana's rantings..........

Seriously?  Two pages?  Yes, it has come to that!  Time for a list of things
that I'm happy that you do.

Please EAT before your tattoo.  Eat  something good and healthy.
 Don't be
that person that pukes up Taco Bell all over my tattoo shop.
Do be that person that has enough FUEL to make it thru a few hours of
pain.  We have  water here, so bring yourself a juice, soda, or your coffee.  
If you need to bring some snacks, feel free to.  Peaches, bananas, oranges,
grapes, fruit smoothies, cheese and crackers, small sandwich, those
Odwalla drinks.....all fantastic ideas that will help you during your tattoo.  
These are fairly easy on the stomach most of the time.  
Some of those powerbars....seems like they tend to sit like a rock on a
stomach that is dealing with pain.  
You have to remember, you are in a different world when you are getting
tattooed, so prepare!  I tease that "calories" are free on tattoo day, and I
mean it!  The amount of calories that you are burning is incredible.  You are
making your own morphine, and you are managing a stress....all of these
things take fuel.  Converting body fat to sugar to fuel takes time.....and
energy.  The fuel you provide your body gives it what it needs to help you.  
Just eat.  

Do plan on having some rest in your day after your tattoo session.  I realize
that most of us cannot afford to take too many days off, BUT I have heard it
over and over, and I have proved it myself......getting a chance to take a nap
after your tattoo dramatically increases your ability to heal.  It is one of the
greatest suggestions that I can give you.

Do drink at least 24 ounces of water after your tattoo.  It's a great way to
flush the body of toxins and any weird shit that I stir up on pushing on your
body.  Besides, water is good for I've heard!

If I give you specific directions after your tattoo....please take them
seriously.  I can empathize with most body parts.  I've been tattooed all over
as well as Donald, so we have suggestions to help you.  If you don't listen,
then we will laugh at you.  

I'm sure I'll keep adding to this....stay tuned!