Can I  send you an e-mail?

No.  I do not offer email services.

If you have found something  for an idea, please print it out and bring it
with you on your consultation day.  Everyone has an art folder created
specifically for them.  All of your reference material is kept in those
folders so that I can stay organized. When I get to your drawing, I can lay
everything out in front of me on my desk and get busy on your work.  
That way I can accurately create your tattoo design.

This is the way I have worked for 29 years.  Please follow my simple

I do NOT have  public wifi.

I do NOT print from a cell phone or ipad or tablet or any other electronic

If you live far away, you may send me letters via the Postal System.  Our
mailing address is 821 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa California, 95404.